IatroCom® Has Developed a Mobile Medical App Named STATworkUP™

STATworkUP™ is intended to Enable a New Era in Healthcare Delivery

It brings fast, in-depth Clinical Decision Support to iOS iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch,® & Mac®

And STATworkUP is also available for Android phones and tablets

STATworkUP contains a robust multi-specialty database packed full of great practice guidelines for all medical disciplines

It quickly associates pertinent diagnostic criteria for over 3,000 conditions

The encompassing design rapidly groups and correlates thousands of symptoms and lab studies to determine diagnoses, including their causes and complications plus pertinent treatments, side-effects, adversities, contraindications and much more

It instantly integrates selected findings to compute lists of prioritized differential diagnoses to consider and further evaluate

You can quickly and easily search its large content database to lookup concise, relevant and recent info for anything in STATworkUP at anytime

It also can rapidly link to online subject-matter-expert web pages for over 12,000 topics with standard names and synonyms  

This app is a terrific tool for utilization review and quality assurance

Doctor Using TabletPhone and Stethoscope

STATworkUp App Store
STATworkUP for iPhone®, iPad® & iPod touch ®

STATworkUp Google Play Store
STATworkUP for Android Phones & Tablets


STATworkUP helps to Avoid Diagnostic pitfalls and Treatment Errors †

It was created and crafted by a team of seasoned physicians, mathematicians, and computer engineers during the last 30 years to help providers do good work, save time and gain a competitive edge

The team keeps the info current to stay up-to-date over time

No subscriptions are required once you get the app, and it comes with no annoying advertisements

Additionally, it has free, frequent database updates after an affordable initial purchase

There are no privacy concerns with this app because no personally identifiable information is collected

This app is a very good value and really quite beneficial to own!

STATworkUP is presently installed on thousands of devices in more than 55 countries around the world

Like other customers you will be glad to have STATworkUP

It is a great learning and reference resource for all types of healthcare providers, from students to senior directors ... and they love it

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STATworkUP is not intended to replace sound medical judgment