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Clinical Decision Support & Medical Differential Diagnosis App

Five Stars
An awesome machine intelligence tool, like the prologue AI tools of the 1980s, thoroughly updated. Parameter-based yet seemingly adaptive because of its many degrees of freedom. A MUST HAVE for any medic or first line medical diagnostics professional. 
— Ross Henderson

Five Stars
Just got STATworkUP. I was impressed! The look & feel is just brilliant. It is an incredibly comprehensive decision support tool. What a great visual for a complex concept for extradited diagnostic narratives. It demonstrates some of the most robust relational architecture to rival Watson, with seemingly endless and helpful functionality. STATworkUP brings a totally new look and feel to differential diagnosis in your hand. This Health Information Technology brings true innovation to medicine. And it has Free, frequent database updates too!
— Curtis J. Tinsley, MD

Five Stars
I recently purchased STATworkUP for my clinical experiences as a student . It is a very helpful program in that it contributes helpful and fast information which is beneficial to individualized patient centered care. It also helps other providers to partake in the clinical experience by giving them a chance to collaborate . Whether you have extensive medical training or not this application is very useful . I would highly recommend this app as it is a good tool for enhancing the quality of patient care in different scopes of healthcare practice.
Susan McGowan

Five Stars
STATworkUP is simply stunning! It is an amazing medical app that quickly and fully integrates terminology with useful information to help the differential diagnostic process. It’s great!
Doc Gregory

Five Stars
Best medical app I've ever used. Worth every penny. It's very informative and easy to navigate. Love it.

Five Stars
Content is comprehensive, easy to use and updated frequently. A good app for quality assurance and utilization review.

Five Stars
A delightful intuitive app. Useful especially for the experienced clinician. Brings along a sense that it was written with a working knowledge of the processes needed in medicine. Find it especially entertaining to do quick reviews, since the material is clinically relevant. Results provide excellent points for further discussions.
Ira Agatstein, MD

Five Stars
This is a great application that is such a complete and comprehensive approach to a stat work up of a patient's medical symptoms. It quickly shows other related conditions, appropriate lab studies, and the differential diagnosis to consider for noted findings. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it! Easy to use too.
Doctor Drake

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