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Clinical Decision Support & Differential Diagnosis Using Mobile Computing Applications
Stephen Mlawsky, M.D., C.M.M.

Medical Director, Founder, CEO of IatroCom

IatroCom is a closely-held small company composed of doctors, computer engineers, and medical informatisists, founded by Dr Mlawsky. Our software development enterprises began in 1985 for the Macintosh computer. Throughout the years our applications became more sophisticated. In the 1990s IatroCom marketed, advertised and sold a product named MacON-CALL to doctors, nurses, and hospitals in 40 different countries around the world. Along the way the application was Internet enabled. With the advent of mobile devices, it was obvious that these gadgets could leverage our work. In 2010 we released the derivative app named STATworkUP. The delivery of integrated content on mobile devices just made good sense for use in clinical settings. We have built a very robust interface that is replete with great content in a nice and fairly clean user interface that is fully-relational. Our objective has been to put the power of smartphones and tablets to work, with a very useful decision support application, to help busy providers do fast yet comprehensive problem assessments and to help improve care in the process of using it. At this forum we will discuss:

  • The set of functionalities that are important when amobile devices are used in health care
  • Using decision support to help busy providers do fast yet comprehensive problem assessments
  • Examples of Fast Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Differential Diagnostic Tools
  • Practice Guidelines
  • The advantages of web enablement

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STATworkUP is not intended to replace sound medical judgment

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